Slot Overview: Joker King

Developer Pragmatic Play has your back with their harlequin-themed slot Joker King, perfect for fans of jazz and fruit. If you’ve played one of these games, you’ve pretty much played them all. The less someone cares about a subject, the more true that statement becomes. Consider the sport of tennis. Others appreciate the passion and drama of two modern-day gladiators going at it for hours on end, while others can’t stand the thought of sitting under the blazing sun for hours while two people smash a ball over a net. In the same way, these joker games are no different. Some may wonder why there is a need for yet another generic copycat that provides essentially the same service. Some people really like the celebration. To avoid any confusion, Joker King will not attempt to change the minds of either faction. So, let’s take a second dive into the land of tropical fruits, disco, and jokers.

Joker King is Pragmatic Play’s fifth game in this genre, thus they have plenty of experience making titles like this. Joker King is a prime illustration of this. The reels are arranged in a 6-reel by 4-row grid, and there are 25 paylines available for play. A joker figure, holding a fistful of gold coins, bobbles off to the right and sometimes showers the reels with wild symbols. A container of extra money sits atop the gold-framed reels, and that’s about it. The background is a bright purple. Joker King’s aesthetic is straightforward and colorful; it’s a faithful recreation of the original.

The music is a bit more unconventional. The music that plays throughout these games is often a funk backing track, but as the action becomes intense, the music changes to include sounds as diverse as circus jingles and ska. While the remainder of Joker King is quite predictable, the music seems to be where the Pragmatic team was able to let its imaginations run wild.

The game was surprisingly calm for such a potentially dangerous slot machine. Free spins were triggered surprisingly regularly, and there is no information on the hit rate. Especially unrestricted spins. Maybe it was just our luck that we managed to hit one of those crowded summits. Whatever the case may be, testing revealed that Joker King was not nearly as challenging as its 5-star volatility would imply. Joker King’s RTP of 96.50% is positive by default, as is typical for a Pragmatic Play slot. Bets range from 25 percent to £/€125, so players may get their dose on any device.

Joker King has six standard symbols, all of which pay from left to right on neighboring reels, beginning with the leftmost reel. Fruits and numbers such as BARS, 7s, and stars are among them. Payouts range from 1x to 5x the wager for winning combinations of up to six symbols in length. The next section will discuss the function of wilds in features.

Highlights of the Joker King Slot Machine