A look at Star Bounty

Pragmatic Play’s latest space-themed slot, Star Bounty, is packed with cutting-edge extras like wild multipliers, tumbles, and free spins.

Find out where in the United Kingdom you can play Star Bounty.

You may potentially cash in for as much as $25,000!

This Pragmatic Play offering has both fun and profit possibilities because to its unique features and high win potential.

The highest prize on the Star Bounty slot machine is 25,000 times the initial wager, and the game contains a tumble feature, wild multipliers, and free spins.

Read our in-depth Star Bounty Review before you go on your intergalactic adventure.

Symbols and Prizes in the Star Bounty Slot Machine

Star Bounty has six reels made out of hexagonal tiles, resulting in 4,096 possible winning combinations. The tumbling technique also makes the non-aligned tiles more easier to work with than they would first appear.

There can be up to four symbols on each reel, including scatters and wilds that can multiply your wins. To form a winning combination, identical symbols must appear on consecutive reels, beginning with the first reel.

So, the exciting slot machine only gives out prizes in a linear fashion, from left to right.


The plot of Star Bounty centers on an interstellar journey, complete with alien-like technology. The hexagonal grid is displayed on the spaceship’s control panel.

Moreover, it employs high-quality animated symbols, each of which is a reference to a character in this exciting story.

There are twelve standard symbols in the cosmos slot game, each of which corresponds to an increasing payout. Four characters—the male hero, a female heroine, and two masked villains—are included in the most valuable pictures.

Four distinct alien emblems are also included.

Other than that, you’ll discover the standard card values represented by the Ace, Jack, Queen, and King.

In addition, there are two kinds of wild symbols and an atom-shaped scatter. Wild symbols often show up on reels two through six and have a specific icon associated with them.

The second one takes the form of an egg that launches missiles at unselected tiles, turning them into wilds.

The handsome masculine hero is the slot machine’s highest paying icon, rewarding players with 15 times their initial bet for landing on six of a type.

The next group, the valiant heroine and the mysterious bandits, will increase your bet by a factor of five to ten. The lower-paying card symbols, on the other hand, return half your wager.

Betting ranges for Star Bounty

You can set the size of your first wager before play begins. The smallest stake is £0.20 and the largest is £100. You may simplify matters by adjusting the value of your coins and your bet.

You can also utilize the autoplay function, which will spin the reels for you up to 100 times. In addition, you may modify settings like as the maximum bet, the number of turbo spins, and whether or not the game should end when a win is made.

You may also accelerate your spin by holding down the space bar.

Payout percentage, swings, and hits in Star Bounty

It has a volatility meter out of five with multiple lightning bolts, which will be instantly recognizable to fans of Pragmatic Play games.

The RTP of this epic science fiction slot is 96.6 percent, and its volatility is the greatest on the spectrum.

Although the success rate is currently unknown, strong volatility suggests that rewards will be infrequent.

However, there is a possibility of greater rewards. Keep in mind that bigger successes come with larger risks, so you’ll need to raise the stakes if you want to make a real impact.

Maximum Gain in Star Bounty

The maximum payout in Star Bounty is 25,000 times your initial bet. If you risk the maximum of £100 and lady luck is on your side, you might win a whopping £2,500,000.

You can only access the bonus round when this multiplier is used by spinning up three or more scatter symbols.

In Star Bounty Slot, you’ll find:

Learn more about Star Bounty’s awesome bonus features right here! Some examples are:

No-risk Turns

Distributed Symbols

Able to flip over

Signs That Replace Other Symbols

Slot machine staples include expanding wilds and respin rounds

Star Bounty has two kinds of wilds, each of which can increase your payouts. There is a special re-spin option that can result in additional free games.


The universal wild sign is depicted with a picture of the word “wild.” It can only appear on reels 2, 4, 5, and 6. It can be used in place of any standard pay symbol to complete winning combinations.

However, it will not substitute for non-standard characters like the scatter.


When you hit a scatter symbol, you’ll trigger an exciting respin feature. Here, you can get free spins that can boost your chances of winning.

The tiles will continue to spin until they strike a scatter icon, at which point they will stop. After that, the scatter cannot move again until the current round concludes. At last, it tallies them all up and gives a bonus spin to everyone who contributed.

In addition to,

A second wild symbol, shown as a futuristic cannon in Star Bounty, comes standard. It appears on reels two through four and becomes active only during your free spins.

Here, you’ll see the cannon unleash an unpredictable quantity of missiles upon the board, transforming any random sign into a wild multiplier.

Bonus Rounds of Star Bounty

We’ve already established that you need at least three scatter symbols to trigger the bonus round. You may get up to 24 spins for free in this mode. The amount of spins given for free is also determined at random.

There is a chance that the unique wild symbol may show up during this bonus round. The wilds in this round act as multipliers that can increase your payout by as much as three times.

When you acquire multiple wild symbols, their combined value is doubled to increase your winnings.

In addition, you may bypass the steps and just buy free spins to play.

A free spin may be purchased for 75 times your initial wager. When you use this feature to make a purchase, the next few spins are guaranteed to produce scatter icons.

In this bonus round, you can win an additional three to six spins at no cost to you.

It’s worth noting that free spins appear often, so if you’ve just begun playing, you might want to hold off on buying more.

Visuals and Music

To start, Star Bounty has an excellent aesthetic, including a sleek design that is appropriate for the game’s futuristic subject matter. It employs meticulously generated artwork with stunning images that appear fantastic on any screen size.

The slot has a computer game vibe thanks to the crisp graphics and smooth animations.

It also has music that fits well with the space adventure theme. Exciting tunes will play in the background as you gamble, and a jubilant sound will play once you win.

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Our Final Thoughts on the Star Bounty Slot

We’ve seen a lot of slots with a science fiction theme, but Pragmatic Play’s newest offering may be the best one yet. Star Bounty uses cutting-edge game engine technology to faithfully reproduce the experience of space flight.

In terms of functionality, it adds nothing new. To our relief, it also has the familiar mechanics we’ve learned to like.

In addition, it has a unique tumble pay mechanism and amazing win potential, putting it in the company of the highest paying slot machines on the market.

Try Star Bounty at a reputable online casino if you’re looking to shoot for the moon and win the lottery.